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If you have a class or workshop coming up
featuring life drawing, please let us know.
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Ongoing Classes...

Portrait Painting Classes
Tues 10am-1pm - University Art - Marconi @ Fulton
Wed 10am-1pm - Fair Oaks Studio
Tues 6-7:30pm - Drawing and Painting from Life
Wed 6-7:30pm - Lecture Series
Contact Baldwin Fine Art

Figure Painting Classes with Terry Miura
Wednesdays 1:00-4:00pm
Contact The School of Light & Color
(916) 966-7517

Portrait Painting Classes
Wednesdays 6:00-9:00pm
Contact The School of Light & Color

Upcoming figure art shows | List a Show

If you host or know of a life drawing in your area,
please let us know.
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Short Poses
Patris Studio and Art Gallery
10:00am-1:00pm long pose
3460 2nd Avenue
Check website for schedule



Davis Figure Drawing Group
Pence Gallery
212 D Street, Davis
Contact Jed

Figure Drawing Sessions
Every last Wed of the month
Blueline Galley
405 Vernon St. Roseville, CA 95660
short poses 5min - 30 mins
drawing, painting and sculpture welcome
bring your own easels
limited to 10-15 people
RSVP or 916-783-4117
Roseville Arts members:$10



Sacramento Fine Arts Center
Gibbons Rd, Carmichael
Open Studio w/Live Model
(Nude and/or Clothed)
No Registration Needed
No Instruction
Contact: The School of Light & Color
(916) 966-7517
$10 per session

Figure Friday
ARC Art Club
Art Dept Rm 510

Pop-up Fridays
Patris Studio and Art Gallery
10:00am-1:00pm long pose
3460 2nd Avenue
Check website for schedule


Every 2nd Saturday - Art in Action
Patris Studio and Art Gallery
3460 2nd Avenue
One long pose (clothed)
Pay what you wish!!

Life Casting
Artist new to Sacramento.
Interested in Life Casting?
Looking for others interested
in technique with casting wax
known as Flex Wax.
Gary Lockard, 916-662-4460

Visit these artists below for a sample of figure art going on in Sacramento.

Deladier Almeida

Gil Amavisca

Bobbi Baldwin

Suchitra Bhosle

Marie-Therese Brown

K Chesebro

Lynne Cunningham

Fred Dalke

Jim Ferry

Philippe Gandiol

Debbie Gualco

Jeffrey Kimbler

Sarah Mattson

Pat Meden

Mike Mikolon

Patris Miller

Terry Miura

Mark Ospina

Dana Phillips

Matthew Peak

GayLynn Riberia

Marilyn Rose

Silvio Silvestri

Dennis Stanford

Wish to be listed? | Questions on becoming a figure art model?

Extremely well defined African American, male model, 5'9", 150 lbs. professional dancer body. Ageless physique. Three small discreet tattoos. Studio and photography. Creative unusual poses, takes direction extremely well. Long poses, short poses. Flexible schedule. University, private class settings, private sessions, indoor and outdoor. References upon request.
20 years experience.

Experienced track/field athlete and weightlifter - 5'4" and 120lbs. Brown hair to waist, freckles, funny tan lines, and muscles! No prior experience, but more than willing to take direction.

Athletic build white male, 5’10”, 180 lbs, 40s. Available to pose for drawing, painting and sculpture. Responsible and punctual. No tattoos or piercings. Gym and fitness addict. Can hold poses for long periods of time, takes directions well. Some experience with individual artists.

5'8", brown hair,hazel eyes, young woman,
curvy figure, Rubenesque. New to modelling, reliable.

Petite pixie, 5"0, 100lbs, olive skin, no tatooes, long brunette hair, flexible schedule, reliable. 5 years experience.


5'5", 125lb, caucasian female, curvy, fit build, and light to tan skin. Tattoos on the chest, upper arm and a large japenese leg piece on the upper thigh. Figure model for art schools, ateliers and private artists. Being an artist, eye for balance and beauty, what makes a good composition. Long and short poses, willing to travel.
Over 10 years experience throughout sacramento and philadelphia.


Classical and action poses (Michaelangelo to Frazetta).
Modelling for 20 years, dependable, punctual.
Can pose with musical instruments if desired.
Available for sculture and photography as well.



5'7", female with medium length dark brown hair, mocha brown skin and dark brown eyes, fit build with slight muscle tone. Very flexible and practiced ballet for the last 2 years, can hold poses with steadiness and strength.
Beginner looking for work & more experience.

21 year old, petite female. 5'0, 110 pounds. Brown hair, brown eyes. Multiracial: Mexican, Filipino, Native American. Has not modeled for figure drawing before, but does have previous modeling experience.



Dark hair, gracious, voluptuous.
Over 30 yrs experience.

Trained dancer's body, short hair, large tatoos on back only, 5'4".
Worked in school and private settings. 10 years experience.



5'9, Nordic, dramatic. 11 years experience.





Poised and Petite, 5'4", 110lbs, Sicilian look, artistic eye, holds still in large amounts of time, flexible, charismatic poises, on time, experienced. Available for photographic modeling and fine art modeling.



Curly red hair, lean build, six foot, fair skin, big blue eyes,
long limbs, with contemplative and expressive poses. Very punctual,
and trustworthy, takes direction well, references upon request.


5'3" 100 lbs, short dark hair, olive skin, dark eyes, small features, thin, defined, no piercings, one tattoo. Perky and punctual. No experience but eager to start.



Male, caucasion, 6'2", 185lbs, in shape, no piercings or tatoos. Short gesture and long poses. Work experience with American River College Sacramento City College, UC Davis, The Art Institute of California, The Pence Gallery, S12 Studio, The School of Light and Color, etc. Flexible schedule. 4 years experience.


Athletic, medium build, costumes.
11 yrs experience.


Artistic, fashion, commercial and fine art.
5'7", thin, curvy, tatoos.
5 years experience. References upon request.


5'7", hourglass figure, "pin-up/40s" girl look.
Dynamic/long poses, nude or costume. Newly experienced.
Available in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.


Slim, curvy figure. 5'7", approx. 125 lbs. Long dark hair, light eyes and fair skin.
Trained dancer. Creative poses. Reliable. References upon request.



Male, mid 40s, 6'0" athletic body, dark hair, dark skin.
Less than one year experience. Willing to learn.

5'10, long legs, dark hair, blue eyes,
athletic build, energetic. Figure drawing,
sculpture, and portrait. Artist of 15 years
with insider view. 5 years experience.

5’10’’, slender, fit, long legs, fair skin, dark eyes, medium-length blond hair, no tattoos, reliable, open availability, punctual, outgoing, energetic, dedicated. No prior experience but eager to start and passionate about art!

Comfortable with nude work, fun costumes and ideas for clothed work. Very flexible schedule, enjoys short gesture poses.

Pixie-like female 22yrs, 5'5 petite 110lbs. Tattoos. Short brown hair, green eyes.

Long brown hair, Caucasian, tall, thin/athletic male.
6', 140#. Anatomy, gesture, and improve classes.
Flexible and usually hold poses anywhere from 10-30 minutes.
3 years experience.

Voluptuous brunette, hourglass figure, symmetrical build and proportions.
Experience sitting for extensive time frames.
References upon request.

5'7 and 110 pounds female. Fair skin and dark hair.
Very thin, hourglass figure.
Experience in regular modelling, beginner in figure modelling.

Lydia|916-293-6254 Brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Themed modeling, clothed and nude, a very 50's physique.



5'8", lean athletic build with articulated muscular features, light-skinned black male, 2-30 minute gestures and poses.
4 yrs experience.

5'10, 185lbs, athletic/muscular build, with a fair complexion. Mature, punctional, reliable model available for work with all mediums within the figurative arts community. Enjoy working in the academic, private and workshop setting.

5'4", trained dancer & gymnast, lean & well-defined musculature, creative poses, gesture sketches, but also experienced in holding longer poses. Will also model for sculpture, photography. Comfortable & experienced with nude modeling, takes direction well, excited about art! References available.

Rubens model with Renaissance face, very flexible, curvacious, and classical in style.
5'7 with blond hair, blue eyes, and medium skin tone. Experience with all mediums and artistic groups.
I live in the Bay Area but willing to come up to the Central Valley. 5 Years of experience.

Fit, male model, 6', 190, rugged looks, holds poses well, takes direction well but not needed, comfortable & open to instruction, some experience with classes & individual artist. Prompt & reliable.



6', 200lbs, fit, althetic body, no piercings or tattos. Willingness & promptness makes up for lack of experience. Reliable. Available for drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, life casting, class settings, private sessions.
1 yr experience.

5'6" Caucasian older male, no piercings/body art, compact features, defined limbs. Reliable, relatable, enthusiastic to support artists' direction, interests, and style. 1 yr photography modeling experience.

Athletic, petite build. 5'1, 102. Short pixie haircut, large eyes, dancer, actress, and yoga enthusiast. Can stay perfectly still for as long periods. Photography. Three literary tattoos.
6 years experience.

5'2" and 120 lbs. Slim petite body with curves, red/brown curly hair, fair skin with freckles, blue eyes, 2 tattoos on the lower back and one on each front shoulder, septum piercing and lip peircing, which both can be removed. Short and long pose experience, willing to talk about travel.

I'm 5"1, 130lbs. Mixed ethnicity, prompt, friendly, fit, flexible and hourglass figure. Experienced in martial arts and can stay very still.
1 yr experience.


6ft, white male, very professional, classical body type
similar to David. Sculpture modelling experience.

5’7", white, median to long wavy brown hair, round face and full lips. Can do yoga poses. Willing to learn and gain more experience.

5'10", well defined build, athletic poses and
dynamic gesture for drawing, painting, sculpture or
photographic work, costumes.
Over 10 yrs experience, references.



5'6", Persian, main of hair, olive skin, brown eyes. Figure like Marilyn Monroe, two little coverable tattoos, capable of holding poses for long periods of time. No experience.



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